Equilbrium Shirts Tops and Hoodies for Men and Women

Equilibrium Vector Psychedelic T-Shirts Tops Jackets and Hoodies with a black light reactive neon color print for Men and Women.
The vector equilibruim is the only geometric shape where all forces are equaly balanced and is the blueprint for nature to transform energy into matter. It's the mother of all forms which we can see in nature. A triple tree of life can be projected onto the intersecting lines. The Tree of Life is a mystical symbol used in the Kabbalah and therefor a map of creation which shows the path to God and to describes the way in which the world is created. In this design you can see a connected triple tree of life with a dodecahedron in the center.

For Men
Duplex Print
For Women

blacklicht effect on equilibrium t-shirts and hoodies
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