Breathable Function Mesh Fabric Shirt for Women

PsyWear604 Breathable Function Neon Print T-Shirt for Women:
A t-shirt for peak performance at the dancefloor. Your best friend at the hottest party or open air. The breathable mesh fabrics transpire condensed moisture to the outside and prevent the t-shirt from sticking to your body. It is fashioned to guarantee optimal freedom of movement and comfort wear: the care instructions are not put on an extra tag but printed inside to avoid itching.
Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL.
100% polyester. Brand: AWDisCool

• Printing technique: Neon Flex Print
• Very durable and does not discolour

Price: starting from € 29.90 Available: online only

blacklight effect on women breathable t-shirts
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